Will you help us with a special project in Sierra Leone?

community-clinic-in-pujehun-sierra-leoneHow would you feel if your child was rejected from a research study for a life-saving new treatment because their condition was too severe? We believe no parent should ever have to find out how that feels. That’s why we are very happy to be partnering with Project Peanut Butter, USAID and the World Food Program (WFP) on an exciting research project in the Pujehun District in Sierra Leone.

The goal of the research is to identify the most cost effective way to treat moderate acute malnutrition in order to prevent a child from deteriorating to severe acute malnutrition. The research component of this project is fully funded, but not every malnourished child will meet the research criteria to be included in the program.

That’s where you come in!  Together, we will ensure that every severely malnourished child who comes to one of the community clinics will receive the locally produced RUTF treatment they need to survive. By providing equal care to all malnourished children, and health education for all their mothers, we will create the foundation for improved health for these families and the entire community.



Almost everything is ready to go for 2017. We just need an additional vehicle and driver to get the nurses and staff to the most remote clinics. Please consider helping however you can.

$32,000 – used four-wheel drive Toyota Land Cruiser to reach remote clinics
$12,500 – fuel for one year
$  6,600 – annual salary for part time driver
$51,100 Total




Learn more about work in Sierra Leone here.



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