The Every Child Fed approach is distinctly collaborative. Strategic partners are an integral part of our team. We have the honor of collaborating with distinguished non-profit groups in direct service delivery, as well as individuals, foundations and companies that make our work possible.

ECF has a particularly close relationship with Project Peanut Butter (PPB), an organization that has been highly successful in developing local production and distribution of RUTF to children with severe malnutrition. Dr. Mark Manary, a pediatrician who is an expert in childhood malnutrition and founder of PPB, serves on ECF’s Board of directors.
Every Child Fed::Project Peanut Butter

Other ECF Partners

UnicefCatholic Relief ServicesCARElogo-ZambiaMoHPATHEmbassy of SweedenMedical Stores for LifeConcern WorldwideZambia CSO-SUN AllianceScaling Up NutritionWFPSave the ChildrenDr. Hawa Abdi FoundationUniversity Teaching Hospital Ministry of Health