The Future: Empowering Mothers

We have made great strides in Sierra Leone, but our work is not done yet! In collaboration with Project Peanut Butter, ECF is helping to empower mothers to understand malnutrition and assess their children’s health at home.

Through our efforts, mothers in the community will be the primary agents of screening and identifying malnutrition in children. Mothers will be equipped to understand when a child needs care and treatment for malnutrition. By bringing children to clinics early, we can treat malnutrition before it is too late.

How will mothers know when their child is malnourished? Mothers will be trained to identify malnutrition by simply measuring the mid-upper arm circumference, also known as MUAC. They will receive the inexpensive MUAC tape to use at home. Mothers can monitor their children at regular intervals, or whenever concerns arise.

In the next 12 months, we will train mothers throughout the Pujehun district to use the MUAC tape and know when to bring a child to a clinic for care.

This program has been developed based on a successful pilot program called “Mothers Understand and Can Do It” in Niger. Research found that mothers who were trained on taking proper MUAC measurements were as effective as home visits from health workers. Training mothers is a more efficient and effective way to ensure that children receive the care they need as early as possible. This increases the survival rate and decreases the overall cost of care. Support our efforts here.

Impact Report: Sierra Leone

In 2018 the Sierra Leone Project has expanded to a 3rd base of operation in the Western Rural District.  

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Highlights of the growth from 2017 to 2018 include…

Clinics established: 48 in 2017 has grown to 88 in 2018

Children enrolled each week in treatment:  80 in 2017 has grown to 110 in 2018

Malnourished pregnant women receiving care and treatment to have healthy babies: 251 in 2017 has grown to 1250 in 2018

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the growth of this important life-saving work!

To help us do save more lives click here.
To learn more about our work in Sierra Leone click here.

ECF Brings Their Work Home

We are excited about leveraging our success and experience in treating the most extreme cases of hunger in the world to now address hunger at home.

edit1 in 6 children in Northern Virginia struggle with hunger, and that is why Every Child Fed, along with  Life&Honey, are working with Generosity Feeds to provide 10,000 healthy meals to children in Loudoun County.

And we need your help! Check out the ways you can get involved…


#1 –  Donate today! 100% of your donation will go to purchase the healthy ingredients.

#2 – Become a Community Partner! Your partnership will…

  • help purchase the needed ingredients
  • create a fun volunteer opportunity for your employees
  • provide valuable visibility for your good work in the community.

To learn more and lock in your sponsorship contact Lou Generous at 703-599-4060 or

#3 –  Volunteer to pack the ingredients on Sunday November 19th

Sign up and get more information here

Impact Report: Sierra Leone

Every Child Fed continues to partner with Project Peanut Butter to reach malnourished children and pregnant women in the Pujehun District of Sierra Leone. Highlights of the work include:


-48 clinics have been established this year.

-80 new severely malnourished children are being enrolled in the program each week

-251 malnourished pregnant women are receiving the care and treatment they need to have healthy babies.

-150 local Sierra Leoneans are employed through this project.

-100% of the RUTF used in this project is locally produced in Sierra Leone.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this important life-saving work!

To contribute to this work click here.

To learn more about our work in Sierra Leone click here.


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