The Future: Empowering Mothers

We have made great strides in Sierra Leone, but our work is not done yet! In collaboration with Project Peanut Butter, ECF is helping to empower mothers to understand malnutrition and assess their children’s health at home.

Through our efforts, mothers in the community will be the primary agents of screening and identifying malnutrition in children. Mothers will be equipped to understand when a child needs care and treatment for malnutrition. By bringing children to clinics early, we can treat malnutrition before it is too late.

How will mothers know when their child is malnourished? Mothers will be trained to identify malnutrition by simply measuring the mid-upper arm circumference, also known as MUAC. They will receive the inexpensive MUAC tape to use at home. Mothers can monitor their children at regular intervals, or whenever concerns arise.

In the next 12 months, we will train mothers throughout the Pujehun district to use the MUAC tape and know when to bring a child to a clinic for care.

This program has been developed based on a successful pilot program called “Mothers Understand and Can Do It” in Niger. Research found that mothers who were trained on taking proper MUAC measurements were as effective as home visits from health workers. Training mothers is a more efficient and effective way to ensure that children receive the care they need as early as possible. This increases the survival rate and decreases the overall cost of care. Support our efforts here.

The Perspective of an ECF Intern on International Workers’ Day

Written by Chuti Nakronsri

Working as an intern at Every Child Fed for the past 8 months, I’ve truly enjoyed every week of work with Rachael, Karen, Kim (remotely) and the other interns. As a graduating MPH student at George Mason University, I’m passionate about global and community health, especially the health of children.  There’s a new place in my heart for children suffering from malnutrition in particular, and all the related areas related to nutrition – food security, agriculture, and women’s empowerment and gender equality. It might be unexpected that as an Asian woman I would be interested in Sub-Saharan Africa, but what I’ve learned at ECF about Zambia has initiated a newfound area of interest and knowledge.Read more

The Redskins Blog | Former, Current Redskins Committed To Helping Malnourished In Zambia

20 November 2014 – Washington Redskins past and present are coming together to assist those in need in Zambia.

Pro Football Hall of Famers Darrell Green and Art Monk — The Legends – and current Redskins Kedric Golston and Kirk Cousins — The Young Guns — are competing to see who can raise the most money to save children’s lives with Every Child Fed.

“Every Child Fed is a organization that is committed to helping the malnourished in Zambia by building a factory that can produce a peanut butter paste that will be able to provide nutrition for children,” Cousins told The Redskins Blog. “It will also provide jobs, so it’s a self-sustaining system.” Read more…