Major Milestone Reached!

Every Child Fed (ECF) assists Project Peanut Butter (PPB) with financial support as they face a major milestone in their efforts to pass critical inspections at their manufacturing plant in Sierra Leone.  PPB and ECF have partnered together to ensure that the manufacturing plant passes the necessary inspections to meet international food safety standards. Once they pass this inspection, they’ll be able to sell RUTF’s to UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders, USAid and other NGO’s.

This is a very important step in achieving sustainability and enabling the Sierra Leone operation to generate a revenue stream that will cover their costs of manufacturing RUTF’s.  Ultimately, this equates to reaching more at-risk children and saving lives.

Partnership with Project Peanut Butter

Every Child Fed is excited to announce its partnership with Dr. Manary and Project Peanut Butter to address the every growing issue of severe malnutrition in children in Malawi and Sierra Leone.

Dr. Manary has been in Sub-Sahara Africa for the past 11 years helping to win the battle against severe malnutrition and food insecurity.

Partnering to End Child Hunger

partneringWe’ve all heard the stories of malnourished children around the world, but are you aware of just how serious this problem is? For example 20 million children currently suffer from Severe Acute Malnutrition – that means that roughly every 5 seconds, a child dies from not having enough food. And did you know that hunger is the world’s number one health risk? It kills more people every year than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined.Read more