Looking Back on the Success of 2019: Sierra Leone

As the year, and decade, comes to a close we are overjoyed to share the successes from work in Sierra Leone through our partnership with Project Peanut Butter (PPB).

Sierra Leone Highlights in 2018-19

1. Operating 103 PPB malnutrition clinics for children and women in Pujehun and Western Rural Districts
2. Supplying RUTF for the entire nation, roughly 17,000 cartons annually
3. Developed and distributed supplementary food for malnourished pregnant women
4. Trialed novel RUTF with oat as an added ingredient, which improved recovery by 10%
5. Created jobs for 75 locals who produce therapeutic food and deliver health services
6. Treated over 12,000 children and 3,000 pregnant women
7. Using 100% solar power for operation in Pujehun


In partnership with Project Peanut Butter, we have accomplished so much. 
Thank you for supporting this work!


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