Meet Rosemary

Written by Kim Hedge


Rosemary & Kim

Rosemary is an incredibly compassionate and experienced nurse and a midwife for over 26 years.  When she was a child, she nearly died of smallpox.  Her mother fought for her life and found the care she needed to survive. Being cured of smallpox instilled in Rosemary a passion to help others.  She thought if she could save just one life, as hers was saved, she would be doing good.  Today Rosemary is saving many lives.  She runs a clinic in Mugurumeno village on a dirt road near Chiawa, Zambia, which serves 2,839 people (including 568 children under 5 years old) from 7 surrounding villages.

The clinic is a small, one room building that attends to all the medical needs of the community.  It houses one exam/delivery table, a nurse’s desk and chairs for counseling, file drawers full of records and stacks of various medical supplies.


It’s not an easy job, but Rosemary’s passion carries her through the tough times and has inspired others to lend a hand.  Recently, a nearby hotel installed solar panels and a refrigerator to store medicines. They also help transport medicines on their weekly food trucks.

Despite this assistance, Rosemary doesn’t always have the life-saving RUTF or other supplies she needs to save starving children.

Having to turn away a mother with a starving child is devastating for Rosemary and that’s where Every Child Fed comes in. We’re working in Zambia to make sure that nurses like Rosemary have the RUTF they need to save children’s lives.

When I asked Rosemary how she keeps up this incredibly difficult work, day after day, she said, “Seeing somebody getting from where they were (unwell) to where they are (healthy) it makes me happy to have done a service and see God helped them.”

Will you help us get Rosemary the supplies she needs to treat starving children?  Donate today and check out the work we are doing in Zambia to help others like Rosemary.


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