Partnering with Local Heroes

Doctors Without Borders’ unprecedented announcement last Wednesday (14 August 2013) that they are pulling out of Somalia after 22 years, points to a grave situation for the people of Somalia who will no longer get much-needed food or medical aid.  Among those affected by this decision are the already vulnerable population of malnourished children, who are now at an even greater risk of illness and death.


Dr. Hawa Abdi

The increased instability and dangerous circumstances for foreign aid workers makes the work of Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Dr. Hawa Abdi, that much more important today.  This Somali physician has been providing healthcare services for over 20 years, operating a 400 bed hospital outside of Mogadishu.  ECF is supporting her efforts by setting up a small production facility within her compound and training her staff to produce enough RUTF to save over 2,500 kids per year!

We realize this is “peanuts” compared to the 30,000 malnourished children that Doctors Without Borders serviced in 2012 alone, but without the help of major aid agencies, there are only local heroes like Dr. Abdi left to fight the good fight.  ECF is proud to support local efforts of the Dr. Hawa Abdi Foundation, and personally I couldn’t be more excited to support such an amazingly brave and dedicated woman as Dr. Abdi, especially in these difficult times.

 To help in this effort, please donate today by clicking here.

 kim-hedge-pic-Kim Hedge, ECF volunteer consultant

Kim Hedge is a full-time management consultant with Infinitive. She generously donates her time and talents to support effective and efficient operations at ECF.  Many thanks to Kim for her efforts on behalf of malnourished children!

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