The Perspective of an ECF Intern on International Workers’ Day

Written by Chuti Nakronsri

Working as an intern at Every Child Fed for the past 8 months, I’ve truly enjoyed every week of work with Rachael, Karen, Kim (remotely) and the other interns. As a graduating MPH student at George Mason University, I’m passionate about global and community health, especially the health of children.  There’s a new place in my heart for children suffering from malnutrition in particular, and all the related areas related to nutrition – food security, agriculture, and women’s empowerment and gender equality. It might be unexpected that as an Asian woman I would be interested in Sub-Saharan Africa, but what I’ve learned at ECF about Zambia has initiated a newfound area of interest and knowledge.

On May 1st Zambia commemorates Labor Day, also a day celebrated throughout the world—International Workers’ Day. As I have labored with ECF, I want to honor the smallholder farmers that labor in the rural communities in Zambia. ECF works to increase the income of these farmers by providing a market for their peanuts, sugar, and oil. Producing RUTF locally creates jobs that are desperately needed in the country. The labor from small rural farmers makes an impact on the nutrition and health of every family member—most importantly, every child.

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Thanks to ECF, I’ve learned how malnutrition affects a child’s life and how important it is to not only treat severe malnutrition with RUTF, but also help prevent it by creating jobs so people can live healthier lives.  The impact for the children and the community is worth every hour of labor I’ve invested with ECF. It’s an honor working with such a dedicated team for such a great cause.

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